Self-Publishing Books – What Are You Getting Yourself Into?

So you finally finished writing your masterpiece novel. It took a long time, but you managed to get the story right and you are excited see it as a book on the shelves of your local bookstore. You feel confident that once people read it, they are going to love it.Before you get into self-publishing, you should know what it is and what is [...]

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Self Publishing a Book is So Easy Now

There is a big difference between writing a book and getting it published.When you first begin to write a book it seems like such a mammoth task, but trying to get a [...]

How To Publish Books Using Online Sites

Let me ask you a simple question: How you ever thought about publishing your own book using online sites? Whether you have or have not, just take minute to read this [...]

Typos in Published Books – Who’s to Blame?

Where do you find a good editor? Many self-published authors have made the mistake of hiring a subsidy or print-on-demand publishing company to edit their books, or [...]

List Of Tax Deductions

If you itemize your deductions when you file your tax return, you might have wondered where can you can find a list of tax deductions. You can go through the IRS [...]

How I Learned to Love My Kindle and Publish My Own Book

I never intended to buy a Kindle; in fact I swore that I would never do so. I hated the idea of reading an entire book on a screen; I saw no justification for replacing [...]

How to Self Publish Every Book You Write for Free

It's every writer's dream to be a published author; to sit and write books and have them published and selling all over the world. How great would it be to be able to [...]

How to Write and Publish a Book

To publish a book is to become immortal. Why? Because your name and most importantly, your ideas will live on even when you are no longer physically here on earth. For [...]

How to Publish Books With Today’s POD Technology

With today's technology, it is now easier than ever to get your books published. There are many POD (Print on demand) services that print books professionally, quickly, [...]

How to Author and Publish a Book

The most important thing you can do before you write and publish a book is to make sure that someone out there wants to read it. Better yet, a couple thousand people [...]

Writing and Publishing Articles and Books – Why You Should Do Your Own Publishing For Best Results

If you have always wanted to write, but are not having success with traditional publishers, writing and publishing your work on the internet may be the answer for you. [...]